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Bell_Kyle    Toutant_Heather   Boase_Lori
Bell, Kyle email   Toutant, Heather email   Boase, Lori email
Industrial Arts   Resource Room   English 8, History 8
Cardinal_Derek   Churchill_Mark   Momcilovich_Christopher
Cardinal, Derek email   Churchill, Mark email   Momcilovich, Christopher email
Sixth Grade   Social Studies, Health   Band
Squiers_Krista    Macario_Andrew    Annala_Kathy
Squiers, Krista email   Macario, Andrew email   Annala, Kathy email
Science (8), Environmental Ed. (8)   Word Processing (5-7),Computers (7-8)   Librarian
Jacobson_Pam   Jacobson_Paul   Lammi_Michelle
Jacobson, Pam email   Jacobson, Paul email   Lammi, Michelle email
Art (6-8)   Physical Education (7-8)   Sixth Grade
Waterman_Dan   Levi_Louise   no-photo-available
Waterman, Dan email   Levi, Louise email   Bucholtz, Kelli email
Math (8)   Science (7), English (7)   Music/Chorus (6-8), Guitar (7-8)
Harper_Allison   Moilanen_Catherine   Niemi_Jeffery
Harper, Allison email   Moilanen, Catherine email   Niemi, Jeff email
English (8), English (7)   Orchestra   Health 7Physical Education (7-8)
Palomaki_Tristan   Bigalk_Lisa    Taseris_Katie
Palomaki, Tristan
  Bigalk, Lisa   Taseris, Katie email
Math (7-8)   Gym   Resource Room (5-6)
Beacco_Wendy   Trebilcock_Suanne   Bell_Lori
Beacco, Wendy   Trebilcock, Sue email   Bell, Lori email
Sixth Grade   Sixth Grade   5th Grade 
 Hongisto_Dustin   Kus_Molly    Stetson_Shelley
Dustin Hongisto email   Molly Kus email   Shelly Stetson email
5th Grade   5th Grade    5th Grade 
Belanger_Karie  Saari_Kyle  Kerry_Amanda
Belanger, Karie email Saari, Kyle email Kerry, Amanda email
5th Grade Science 7  Spanish 8

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