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kylebell       boase
Bell, Kyle email   Toutant, Heather email   Boase, Lori email
Industrial Arts   Resource Room   English 8, History 8
Cardinal_Derek   churchill  
Cardinal, Derek email   Churchill, Mark email   Momcilovich, Christopher email
Sixth Grade   Social Studies, Health   Band
squiers      annala
Squiers, Krista email   Macario, Andrew email   Annala, Kathy email
Science (8), Environmental Ed. (8)   Word Processing (5-7),Computers (7-8)   Librarian
pamjacobson   pauljake   lammi
Jacobson, Pam email   Jacobson, Paul email   Lammi, Michelle email
Art (6-8)   Physical Education (7-8)   Sixth Grade
waterman   levi   lindblom
Waterman, Dan email   Levi, Louise email   Lindblom, Connie email
Math (8)   Science (7), English (7)   Music/Chorus (6-8), Guitar (7-8)
harper   moilanen   niemi
Harper, Allison email   Moilanen, Catherine email   Niemi, Jeff email
English (8), English (7)   Orchestra   Health 7Physical Education (7-8)
palomaki   turner  
Palomaki, Tristan
  Turner, Heather   Taseris, Katie email
Math (7-8)   Guidance Counslor   Resource Room (5-6)
beaccow   Trebilcock_Sue   kytta
Beacco, Wendy   Trebilcock, Sue email   Mary Jo Kytta email
Sixth Grade   Sixth Grade   5th Grade 
 hongisto   kus    stetson
Dustin Hongisto email   Molly Kus email   Shelly Stetson email
5th Grade   5th Grade    5th Grade 
 Kerry  Saari
Kerry, Amanda email Saari, Kyle email
Spanish 8 Science 7 

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